The Sea of Cortez offers a fabulous place to learn how to scuba dive.
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Scuba Diving Courses

The crystal-clear and warm waters combine with our well-trained certification staff to make your scuba diving education experience safe and fun.

Our PADI and SSI-certified instructors will introduce you to the incredible world of underwater adventure with our Open Water Diver Certification program, or help you continue your certification process with more advanced technical instruction.

In addition, Fun Baja offers divers the opportunity to increase their skills with specialized studies such as Stress and Rescue, First Aid, Night Diving, Deep Diving, Navigation, Nitrox Diving, and Wreck Diving.


This lesson is designed to teach you the basics of scuba diving, so you can start exploring the underwater world. You'll learn how to use scuba diving equipment and practice basic breathing and regulation skills.

Depth to descend

10 to 12 meters

Lesson duration

1 day


This theoretical/practical course formally introduces you to the adventure of scuba diving. During the program, we provide basic training in diving techniques, procedures, and safety measures. You will have sessions in confined waters and open waters.

Depth to descend

18 meters

Course duration

4 days


This theoretical/practical course offers training for divers who have already completed the Open Water course, allowing them to improve their competency and expand their experience in different specialties of the diving world. In this course, you can explore specialized techniques such as navigation diving, night diving, deep diving, and computer use, improving your skills to enjoy the underwater world even more.

Depth to descend

30 meters

Course duration

3 days


During the theoretical and practical course, you will be taught the basic techniques and skills of rescue, where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to apply them effectively in open waters. To take this course, you require certification in first aid and CPR.

Depth to descend

40 mts

Duration of course

3 days


The theoretical/practical course provides you with the necessary tools to assume the responsibility of diving activities; you acquire skills to lead, organize and direct a wide variety of diving activities, as well as to conduct diving trips and direct diving instructors.

What's included:

Manual, international certification, workbook, dive tables, diploma, use of diving equipment, patch, boat rides, and lunch (only on practice days).


Duration: The course can be completed depending on your availability and personal endurance. All Fun Baja programs are flexible, so you can stop the course and then continue it depending on your time and desires.

Course Duration:

10 days

Depth to descend:

40 meters.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s necessary to know how to swim in order to take any diving lesson or course.

No, you should not scuba dive if you have trouble with your breathing or ears. When you scuba dive, you go deep underwater where there is a lot of pressure, and this can make your ears and respiratory system feel uncomfortable. So, before you can scuba dive, you need to get a medical certificate that says you’re healthy enough to dive.

Age is not a limiting factor as long as you can provide a medical certificate proving that you are healthy and fit to dive.

The minimum age to take the Jr. Open Water course is 10 years old, so you would have to wait until your 8-year-old son reaches the minimum age and prove that he is healthy and fit to dive.

Unfortunately, you cannot take the diving course…

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