Experience a unique adventure swimming with one of the ocean’s most majestic animals, guided by the experts at Fun Baja.

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La Paz Whale Shark Swimming

Every year, between October and February, we have some unique visitors that gather in the bay of La Paz to feed on our rich plankton, the “Whale Shark”; these majestic fish can measure more than 12 meters in length and weigh an average of 25 tons, feed by filtration; to eat, they open their enormous jaws and absorb everything close, then close their mouths and filter the water through their gills. Discover a unique whale shark swimming experience in La Paz, Baja California Sur; dive into the crystal-clear waters and feel the excitement of swimming alongside this majestic animal, our certified guides will give you instructions to swim safely close to it while observing it in its natural habitat.


Itinerary and duration

  • Tour schedules: 08:00-11:00 am or 11:00 am-01:00 pm
  • Transfer from Hotel to Marina
  • Departure from Marina Palmira to the destination
  • Arrive at the El Mogote area to search for whale sharks and perform snorkeling with them
  • Return to the marina and transfer back to the hotel


Drinks, fruit, and cookies.


Certified Guide.


Book in advance
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Frequently Asked Questions

The activity involves searching for whale sharks in a specific area outside the Bay of La Paz, behind a stretch of land called El Mogote. Once a whale shark is spotted, you can swim with it while following the regulations set by the authorities. The goal is to have a unique and unforgettable experience swimming alongside one of the most magnificent creatures in the ocean.

We include the complete snorkel equipment, wetsuit, guide, captain, the boat, water, soft drinks, fruit, and cookies. Box lunch (individual lunch) is not included.

We do not recommend this activity for those who cannot swim or have never snorkeled before. This is because the dynamics of the activity are very active and demanding. It involves getting into the water when the guide indicates, swimming to follow the pace of the whale shark and be able to observe it for a longer time, swimming back to the boat, and repeating, all within a limited time frame. Of course, we have patience for those who decide to try it, but it will be necessary to have the right attitude and keep up with the pace. Another option would be to attend as a spectator, where you can still enjoy the beauty of this species from the boat. Although the experience will be different, the opportunity to see a whale shark up close is unique and worth it.

No, they only visit us during a specific season. As a free animal, it is not possible to define a season rigidly but rather approximately. The season usually covers the months from October to early April.

The whale shark is classified as one of the most harmless species. Despite its imposing size, it is extremely peaceful and no harm has ever been reported from this animal.

No, this activity is highly controlled for the well-being of the animal and to maintain a non-invasive interaction. Several rules must be followed when interacting with the whale shark, which will be explained in detail by the guide. Some of the main rules include: it is not allowed to be in the water without an authorized guide, freediving is not permitted, and under no circumstances is touching the whale shark allowed, among others.

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