Discover the serene beauty of Balandra beach, a natural paradise surrounded by stunning mangroves and dunes.
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Tour Balandra

The landscape provided by the waters of the Sea of Cortez is simply stunning, with a wide range of shades that go from sky blue to intense navy blue, passing through the captivating turquoise blue, creating a surprising spectacle. Thanks to the clarity of its waters and the beauty of its white sand, Balandra has become a favorite destination; in addition to its famous mushroom-shaped rock, nearby is El Estero, a beautiful mangrove community that provides a natural habitat for a variety of migratory birds. In our half-day tour, you can sail to this beautiful beach that is ideal for enjoying tranquility, swimming in its crystal-clear waters, snorkeling, or kayaking. Make the most of your journey by visiting San Rafaelito, a must-see destination for sea lion lovers. Watch these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, and maybe even take a dip with them if you’re feeling daring!



  • Tour schedule:
    09:00 – 12:00
    13:00 – 16:00
  • Hotel transfer to Marina. Snorkel kit delivery. Departure from Marina Palmira to the destination.
  • Visit to Isla Gaviota, El Merito, San Rafaelito.
  • Lunch at Balandra Beach and leisure time.
  • Boarding the boat and returning to La Paz.


Our tour package includes transportation between your hotel and Marina Palmira, which is the starting point for our adventure. We'll also provide you with a bracelet that grants entrance to protected natural areas, a certified guide who will lead you through the experience, lunch and non-alcoholic drinks to keep you fueled up, and a snorkeling gear set that includes a mask, snorkel, and fins.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a boat ride where you can visit a resting area for a group of sea lions (San Rafaelito), and usually, we make a stop there for snorkeling. During the journey, you will also see colonies of birds on Gaviota and Merito Islands. The boat will then take you to a beach near Balandra Beach, where you can relax for the day. Arriving by sea is one of the best ways to secure a spot at Balandra Beach.

We include the complete snorkeling equipment, the guide, the captain, the boat, water, soft drinks, fruit, snacks, and box lunch (individual lunch).

The main thing to do is to visit the emblematic mushroom-shaped rock that characterizes this special and famous beach. Taking photos (not included) is a must to share this moment with everyone. It’s suggested to take a short hike to a viewpoint to have an incredible panoramic view of the place, again perfect for memorable photos. Finally, you can enjoy the calm waters, relax, walk around the surroundings, or rent a kayak or paddle (not included).

There are several differences between going with us and going on your own, and both options have their merits, depending on what you’re looking for. First, there’s the matter of access. If you go by car, there’s a controlled schedule, and the first access is at 8 am. But to enter, you have to arrive earlier and wait in line, which can take 1-2 hours during peak season, and there’s still no guarantee of finding a spot since capacity is limited. On the other hand, going by sea means you don’t have to wait in line to enter, saving you time. During the boat ride, you’ll also be able to enjoy more natural attractions and even swim with sea lions in San Rafaelito if you choose.
Second, Balandra Beach is a protected natural area where construction is prohibited, which means that there are no services available. If you go on your own, you’ll need to come prepared with your own food, drinks, and an umbrella for shade since there are only a limited number of umbrellas available. Additionally, there are no restaurants or stores nearby to buy food or water if you get thirsty. With us, you don’t have to worry about any of that since everything is included. We provide food and drinks, as well as a table, chairs, and umbrella, so you can fully enjoy the place without any hassle.

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