Diving and Flags

Diving and Flags: Let’s figure out the meaning of the Two Flags

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Meanings of Two Flags

When you dive into the ocean’s depths, you enter a magical world filled with mysteries and underwater wonders. This scene is like a second home for diving enthusiasts in Baja California Sur and the Mexican Pacific. But, have you ever wondered about the enigmatic language of diving flags? In this article, we will delve into the depths of this practice and uncover the meanings of the two flags that set the tone in the world of diving.

The Waters of Baja California Sur: An Underwater Paradise

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Baja California Sur, with its warm and crystal-clear waters, is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. From the beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific coast, this region of Mexico has an impressive marine biodiversity that includes whale sharks, giant manta rays, sea turtles, and a wide variety of fish. For those seekers of an unforgettable diving experience, this is the perfect place.

Diving Flags: Why Two?

If you’ve ever been to a port or a diving beach, you’ve noticed two types of flags waving in the wind: one in white and blue, and another in red with a white diagonal stripe. These flags have a special meaning in the world of diving and play a fundamental role in diver safety.

The Alpha Flag for Diving

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Let’s begin with the Diver Down Flag, which is in white and blue. This flag has its origins in the system of nautical flags, which is a visual communication system used by ships and vessels worldwide. Each nautical flag represents a letter from the Greek alphabet and has a specific meaning.

The Diver Down Flag

The other flag you commonly see is the Alpha Flag for Diving, which is red with a white diagonal stripe. This flag has an interesting history. It was designed by James Dockery, a diver in the United States Navy, in the 1950s. Dockery drew inspiration from the nautical flag code and the Bravo Flag, which is used to indicate the loading and unloading of dangerous loads, such as explosives. Dockery modified the Bravo Flag to resemble the Diver Down Flag but with a diagonal white stripe.

Safety and Communication

In diving, safety comes first. These two flags play a crucial role in accident prevention and effective communication between divers and boats. When you see one of these flags, it’s important to understand their meaning and know what to do.

Flag Size Matters

In addition to distance, the size of the flags is also important. When the Diver Down Flag is flown from a boat, it should be at the highest point. The recommended minimum size is 50×60 cm (20×24 inches). If the flag is on a buoy, it should measure 30×30 cm (12×12 inches).

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